Games/Toys of our youth — Can they appeal to Millenials?

Retro Games still have appeal:

Recently, I began thinking back to some of the games I enjoyed playing as a kid, mark-twain-quote-about-youthbefore the advent of video games (yes, even before Atari and Pong, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong — am I dating myself?).  One game that my neighborhood friend owned which we loved playing together was table hockey (a.k.a., rod hockey).  I went on-line to see if it was still made and to my delight, it still is.  In fact, you can find a number of companies that make this game:  costs range from around $40 to $150 for the non-industrial versions of the game, though you tend to get what you pay for in terms of sturdiness, workmanship and playability.  I splurged and got one of the more expensive sets, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve had many hours of fun playing with both my 8 and 17 year old sons and my 12 year old daughter.  We’ve collected our favorite teams and have tournaments.  Who would’ve thought that a toy from my childhood would be popular with today’s youth?  Again, it’s all about engaging your children — they will get so much more out of an activity like this than sitting in front of television or playing video games on their own.  Check out my review of available table hockey products on the market to see which one may be best for you and your children.

Plenty of patience and praise…

Initially, my 8 year old was a bit overwhelmed trying to control all six players on his team, so I had him man the goalie on my team, while we played against his older siblings.  I lavished plenty of praise on him for every shot that he blocked and made sure that he felt like an important part of the action.  Soon, he wanted to try it on his own and before long he was a real contender!

Just one suggestion…

Of course, you may never have been into table hockey, but the point of this blog is to think of what you enjoyed doing as a child and then introduce your children to it.  This serves dual purposes:  you get to relive a part of your youth while connecting with your kids and helping them understand some of the simpler pleasures of the “good old days”.

Keep engaging your kids!  They need and want your attention.  Be deliberate, be purposeful and make it a priority!

Till next time, keep building great memories with your kids,



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