How Do Baby Registries Work?

Are You Expecting a Baby?

If so, it’s customary to set up a registry for baby gifts in preparation for the baby’s arrival and the baby shower.

What Exactly is a Baby Registry and How Does it Work?

  1. In general, the expectant parents will sign up with one or two stores of their choosing and

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    compose a list of products that they would like to receive as gifts:  this is their registry or “wish list” at that store.  The store keeps the registry on file.

  2. The parents then share with their friends and family the stores with which they are registered.
  3. Friends and family members, then, can visit these stores and purchase items from the registry as gifts for the new baby.  Once an item is purchased by one person, it is removed from the registry in order to reduce the probability of duplicate gifts being purchased.



Benefits of a Baby Shower Gift Registry

There are several benefits to creating a baby shower gift registry, some of which were alluded to above.  Here are a few of the primary benefits:

  • The expectant parents can specify items that they want or need.  They can specify the exact items including brand, make and model rather than providing just a general list.
  • The gift givers can rest assured that as long as they are purchasing items from the baby gift registry, it will meet with the parent’s approval:  meeting a need while matching their taste, preferences, decor, etc.
  • The chances of giving or receiving duplicate gifts is greatly reduced as long as everyone is purchasing items from the baby gift registry, since items are removed from the list as they are purchased.



Drawbacks of a Standard Registry for Baby Gifts

  • Often, a single store or two may not carry all of the products that the expectant parents would like to get as gifts for their newborn; however, it can be overly complicated to create registries at
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    multiple stores.  Parents may actually have to visit many stores before deciding on the best one or two stores that carry the majority of products they want/like.

  •  Parents need to be sensitive to the fact that not all friends and family will be comfortable spending a lot on baby gifts.  A registry at a specialty store may be comprised primarily of expensive gifts (e.g., crib, nursery furniture, high chair, stroller, car seat, etc.), so registry  at a second store for less expensive items (e.g., bottles, diapers, baby clothes, etc.) may be required.
  • Many people are getting used to doing much of their shopping online and consider having to go to specific stores to be an inconvenience.


Stop Your Baby Registry Search

Now there’s an easier way to set up a baby registry!

Amazon, the largest online retailer on the planet, has a new Baby Registry Program.

This program greatly simplifies the process for both the expectant parents and their friends/family.



How does the Amazon Baby Registry program help the expectant parents?

  • With it’s massive selection of products, most parents will be able to find virtually everything they could want for their new child in one place, online.  From higher cost items like cribs, car seats and strollers to daily items like bottles and pacifiers.
  • This program also supports addition of items from other websites to your Amazon registry.  So, if you can’t find it on Amazon, you can still add it to your Amazon registry.
  • 10% completion discount (up to $500)

/*** 15% completion discount for Amazon Mom members ***/

  • FREE 90-day returns on Baby Store purchases.
  • Manage and monitor registry online.  Make updates/additions to registry for anything that may have been forgotten or overlooked.
  • There’s a built-in “Thank You List” feature that tracks which loved one has purchased which gift for you.



How does the Amazon Baby Registry program help your friends & family?

  • Ability to shop online (anytime, anywhere) for your gift–even internationally

They’ll thank you for the convenience!  Most of them are probably already members.

  • FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $35*
  • Express Shipping for Prime members*

*Some restrictions apply. See site for details.



With all of the advantages and conveniences listed above, if you’re planning to setup a baby shower gift registry, you really owe it to yourself to look into the Baby Registry Program.  Click the banner below to find out more and sign up:


If you’ve already tried the Baby Registry Program, I’d love to get your feedback below about how it worked for you.

Take care &  keep celebrating life,

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How Do Baby Registries Work? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Patrick,
    What a great hassle-free practical way to do Baby Showers, as I was reading this article I kept thinking back to my brothers baby shower and all the hassles they had to go through to coordinate everything. What an easy modern way to buy gifts for friends and family.

    Quick question. Can you arrange the delivery to come on the day of the party with Amazon or would it be best to have the gift just directly sent to me (as a guest), then bring it to they Baby Shower?

    Thanks for the info and take care,

    • Todd, Thank you for reading and commenting on this article. You’re right that this is one of the most hassle-free ways of setting up a baby registry. With regard to your question (great question, btw), “yes”, you can arrange delivery directly to the expectant parents; however, as with most shipments, it may be difficult to specify an exact day/date. Also, some items may not be eligible for international shipment — the site will tell you if this is an issue. If you plan to attend the baby shower, it may be best to have the item shipped to yourself and then bring it to the party; otherwise order it ahead of time so that it will arrive prior to the shower.

      These and other questions can be answered by refering to Amazon’s FAQ on their Baby Shower Registry at


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