Miracle on Ice: The World’s Premier Arcade Bubble Hockey Game

The Crème de la crème of Bubble Hockey Games (a.k.a., Dome Hockey):

No list of hockey games would be complete without honorably mentioning Super Chexx!  This is the rebate-banner“Lamborghini” of hockey games.  Granted, we can’t all afford a Lamborghini, but we can all dream.  For those of you with the room and the budget, or those who own a bar, bowling alley, arcade or lounge:  this is the pinnacle of hockey games.

    • Sturdy arcade-quality bubble hockey game
    • Custom graphics
    • Coin-operated and Home (non-coin) versions
    • Meticulously hand-painted players
      •   Upgrade to official, licensed NHL logos and uniforms (all NHL / AHL teams available)
    • Smooth [as silk] movement of players and gears
    • Overhead, automatic, electronic scoring and shot clock
    • Live sound calls by Rick Jeanneret
    • Goal ejector
    • Lifetime tech support and in-stock parts

You simply cannot beat this product, proudly “Made in the U.S.A.”


Re-enact the 1980 Olympic battle between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. with the Super Chexx “Miracle on Ice” edition (details below).

Why wait for a used bubble hockey sale?

Sure, you can look around for a bubble hockey table sale or bid on somebody’s old, used bubble hockey game, but why?  You never know what you’re going to get when you buy used and you’re likely to pay  more than it’s worth.  Here are the benefits of buying new and factory-direct:

  • Brand spanking new with no surprises
  • Customized to your specifications:  Select your teams, select your style and options (e.g., coin-operated or home version)
  • Rock-bottom, factory-direct pricing, plus a $25 REBATE when you place your order through this site, familystaples.com (details below)
  • Free life-time tech support

Draw a crowd!  Be the envy of your friends!

  • Are you looking to add an exciting game to your arcade, bowling alley, restaurant or bar?  Then you can do no better than the expertly crafted and durable dome hockey arcade game from Super Chexx.  This is the world-renowned arcade bubble hockey game, without equal!
  • Are you wanting to add a center piece to your “Man Cave” or Bonus Room that will make your place the “place to be”?  You’ll be the talk of the town with your own home version, customized with your favorite teams.

Take a look below at some of the options available to you:

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Super Chexx Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey

Home Edition [not coin operated]

Factory Direct Price: $2295.00 USD [as of 05/21/14]

Super Chexx Coin-op Bubble Hockey

Coin-Operated Edition

Factory Direct Price: $2495.00 USD [as of 05/21/14]

Super Chexx USA Bubble Hockey

"Miracle on ICE" USA vs. USSR Edition

Factory Direct Price: $2595.00 USD [as of 05/21/14]

Super Chexx Canada Bubble Hockey

USA vs. Canada Edition

Factory Direct Price: $2595.00 USD [as of 05/21/14]

Super Chexx NHL Bubble Hockey

Official NHL Edition

Select Your Favorite NHL / AHL Teams

Factory Direct Price: $2995.00 USD [as of 05/21/14]

Ice Chexx Bubble Hockey

DISCLAIMER:  Prices listed in table above are those provided as of 5/21/14 and are subject to change.  Prices at time of checkout will take precedence.

 How do you beat Factory-Direct Pricing?  With a REBATE 🙂

Limited Time Offer:  Get a $25 Rebate

Get a $25 rebate off of already rock-bottom, factory direct prices when you place your order through FamilyStaples.com and follow these simple but IMPORTANT steps:

  1. Use any of the banner ads or text links on this site to place your order with Super Chexx (ICE) and you can claim a $25 rebate.
  2. Email a copy of your order form to patrick@familystaples.com
  3. Provide your contact information, including address and whom the check should be made out to

NOTE:  Rebate checks may take up to 30 days to issue and are subject to verification/validation that your order was indeed placed through FamilyStaples.com.  FamilyStaples reserves the sole right to honor rebate requests based upon its ability to verify/validate order placement through this site.  We will honor all requests that can be verified.

NOTE II:  This rebate is being offered by FamilyStaples.com and NOT by ICE (a.k.a., Ice Chexx or Super Chexx).  Do NOT expect or request a rebate from ICE.


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