One Guy’s 2015 Wish List

Have you got a New Year’s Wish List?

Not a list of Resolutions, but a Wish List…

I’m not talking about your list of New Year’s resolutions, though those are important.  Yes, I’ve resolved to exercise more (I want to walk or jog at least 5 miles per week this year) and spend more time in daily devotions.  With the holidays, I’ve put back on some (thankfully not all) of the pounds that I shed last summer on the Weight Watchers program and I don’t get outside as much during the winter to exercise, so I may have to get on the treadmill, instead.

However, I’m not talking about resolutions, like losing weight or giving more to charity or learning a new language, etc.  I’m talking about taking time to think about your interests and what new gadgets or products might help you get more enjoyment out of life.  I’ll admit, as a parent, I often am thinking more about what to get my kids or my parents and when asked “what would you like?”, I often respond that there’s nothing that I need.  And, in reality, I do have everything I need — but, that’s not to say there aren’t some things that I “WANT” 🙂

Being a guy (and a kid at heart), most of my wants tend to be cool gadgets and toys, so may not be of much interest to most women reading this post.  However, if you’re looking to get a gift for a guy in your life, you may find something on my list that he would absolutely love.

My 2015 Wish List:

The following list is not necessarily in order, but these are a few of the cool gadgets and toys for men that are on my 2015 wish list:

DJI Phantom Vision+ Quadcopter

This has got to be one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time.  If you’re looking for one of the most unique mobile apps/accessories to get a guy, how about an iPhone/Android controlled drone?  Personally, I would love one of these bad boys to do aerial video surveys of the areas where my father and I fish and hunt.  I’d love to be able to post aerial videos on this site to share with you the beauty of Upper Michigan’s flora and fauna.  I’m sure my kids would really enjoy getting outside to fly the DJI Phantom too, though this is one toy  I may be a bit selfish with 😉  See my review of the DJI Phantom HERE.

ICE Bubble Hockey game

I’ll admit, I’m not much for watching hockey on television, but when it comes to table top games, I really enjoy bubble hockey (a.k.a., table hockey or rod hockey).  I’ve owned Foosball tables and air hockey tables, and enjoyed them, but far prefer the action and strategy involved in table hockey.  I also already own a Stiga High-Speed table hockey game which my kids and I have a blast playing.  However, when I imagine the Crème de la crème of  table hockey games, I have to think of the Arcade classic ICE Bubble Hockey game for fast-paced, all-out, arcade-style play.  The sturdy, quality construction of these made-in-the-USA hockey tables makes them the envy of any guy with a place he likes to think of as his man-cave.


Nordic Track X9 Incline Trainer

Ok, this item fits in with my New Year’s resolution to get more exercise and lose weight.  As I mentioned, during the long winters up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I don’t get outside as much, so much of my exercise is done indoors.  The X9 makes for a much more interesting workout with pre-programmed courses to select from and a graphical iFIT display (see the video).  The wide range of incline (up to 40 degrees) allows you to burn calories much faster than with a regular treadmill.  I’ve found that making your workouts fun is part of the battle of maintaining consistency.

 GoPro Hero4 Camera

What person wouldn’t enjoy the latest and greatest model of the high-quality line of GoPro cameras?  GoPro has gained wide popularity among extreme sports enthusiasts due to its ruggedness, small size and its ability to take great quality action photos and video.  However, you don’t have to be involved in extreme sports to appreciate this great little camera.  I personally would love to take one mounted to the handlebars of my mountain bike during the summer or take nature photos while hunting/fishing or use it with my future DJI Phantom Vision+ drone to take aerial shots.  Is this something I need?  No, but I’d love to have one! 🙂

More Tech Gadgets for Guys

Here are a few more top tech toys for men that are sure to please — I know they’d make me happy:


I certainly don’t expect that I’ll get everything on my wish list this year, but it’s fun to dream.  Parents need to take some time to consider their own wants and think about themselves once in a while.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking about what will help you get more enjoyment out of life.  Take up a new hobby or get something that helps you enjoy an existing hobby more fully.  When you are happy, you’re in a better state of mind to deal with the daily pressures that accompany parenthood.  Also, it’s likely that you can engage your spouse and children in sharing in your interests; thereby, increasing the overall fun and interaction of your entire family.


Please take time to share what’s on your 2015 wish list in the “Comments” section below.  Also, let me know if you’d like to receive the Family Staples’ newsletter via email (either by noting it in your comment or by signing up for the newsletter via the banner in the upper right column).


Hope your 2015 is off to a wonderful start!


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