The Importance of Making Fun Family Memories

Take time out to enjoy your family…

We live in a hectic, fast-paced world.  It’s so common for every member of the family to be going in a thousand different directions and it’s easy to let our own busy schedules prevent us from nurturing the relationships within our own households.  The relationships that we develop with our immediate family members are, arguably, the most important relationships in our lives.  As any of you who are parents know, children grow up so fast!  It is critically important that we engage them at each phase of their development and create lasting, positive memories that we and our children can cherish and build upon throughout our lives.

The purpose of this site is to encourage you and to provide you with ideas for how to engage your children in activities that the entire family will enjoy.  I will be providing ideas from my own experience and I welcome your feedback and insights.

Here are a few important tips:

  • Be Deliberate
  • Schedule Time
  • Make it Meaningful
  • Make it Fun for Everyone


Allow me to elaborate a bit on each of these points:

  • Be Deliberate:  As with any practice that we want to incorporate into our lives, we must make a conscious, intentional decision to make it a priority.  Recognizing the importance of engaging in regular “family time” and determining that it is worth the effort is the first step toward success.  Consider the pros and cons and I’m sure that you will come to the same conclusion that I did:  the pros far outweigh the cons.  Don’t allow those precious childhood years to slip away without building lasting, loving, fun-filled memories!


  • Schedule Time:  As part of being deliberate, it is crucial that you set aside regular time during each week.  If you don’t block the time out on your calendar, chances are great that other things will come up to eat into that time.  I recommend that at least one night during the week and one day during the weekend be designated as “family activity” time.  Of course, you can tailor this to suit your unique schedules, but blocking out this time is critical and will become something that everyone in your family looks forward to with anticipation.


  • Make it Meaningful:  As parent(s), spend some time planning the type of activities that you will engage your children in.  Consider what will appeal to them based on their age(s).  Solicit their input.  Choose activities where children can learn new things.  Consider what life lessons can be taught and/or reinforced:  these times together are more than just fun — they are an opportunity for you as the parent(s) to train and impart values to your children.


  • Make it Fun for Everyone:  Choose activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy.  Give your kids your undivided attention.  Find every opportunity to praise them and build them up.  Engage your family in conversation and laughter.  Take off your parenting hat for a while and be a kid again!
family board game

Bill Branson (Photographer), National Cancer Institute.


In the months to come, I will be providing more in-depth blog posts on each of the topics listed above, as well as providing specific ideas for fun family activities from my own experience.  I hope that I can be of help to you and your family in finding activities that will enhance your relationships and build lasting memories.

Please stay tuned!

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